Best Catering Service With Hawkr: Dude Curry Wheels

Are you searching for catering? What type of food would fit everyone’s taste bud? Dude Curry Wheels approaches their food with a unique take through a fusion of other cuisines and Indian food. 

The unique take on their homemade food creates an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The affordable price tag on each of their items makes them even more enticing for your next party with friends and colleagues.

Dude Curry Wheels’ Catering Menu :

Rice Options:- (Normal Rice: RM2/pax & Basmathi Rice: RM4/pax)

Egg/Chicken / Fish / Prawn Options: (Egg: RM2 ; Chicken: RM5/pax ; Fish: RM5/pax & RM7/pax) 

These are just some of the items offered by Dude Curry Wheels for their catering. If you’d love to see the full menu, feel free to contact us.

After looking at some of the items from the menu, I’m sure you may still have some questions such as “What if I want to add some items from other merchants?” or “Can I request items that are not on the menu?”. To make it short, the answer is yes and YES! 

You can add in other items from other merchants for your catering party such as desserts from Heath Ice-creamery or some western snacks from Uncle Ray. 

What are you waiting for? Place your order here or contact us if there are still questions you need answering.