EAT Kitchen's Festive Cookies

Hawkr wishes everyone a prosperous Happy Chinese New Year for 2023. Let's start the year with a bang and also cookies to snack on. EatKitchen has recently opened up a new store for the year of rabbits.

We asked them some questions about the cookies that they are selling and these were the following responses.

Can you tell me a few of the cookies you are selling?

We are selling Nga Gu chips (arrowhead), kuih kapit (this year using Kampung Egg), fried crabstick, our specialties *Sambal Potato chips, and pineapple tart.

How long have you been making these cookies?

We started to make the CNY cookies since 2021 with just 3 item on our list.

Do you have your own secret recipe?

The Sambal Potato Chips is our so called secret recipe which we get inspired from a Indonesian aunty selling ‘nasi dagang’. Later we tried many many attempts to create the potato chips which is loved by many. It's a limited item as it requires a specific potato that we can't get all the time.

Do you make these annually?

Yes, since 2021 we started to make it till this 2023 CNY, as for the cookies which we start selling this year, we will plan to sell it all year long through

Which one is your most favourite and would recommend to other?

I’ll definitely recommend our sambal potato chips, and another will be our Nga Gu chips as it is the frequently repeated order from customers and do not forget the kuih kapit, with the fragrant of the santan and using ‘kampung’ egg, which has a more intense flavour.

Will you be adding more varieties next year?

I think this year is already considered a wide range of selection as they are homemade, there will be limited capacity while to control the quality for each of the products.

Interested to find out more about their products? Visit their store here. You can also see examples of their products along with prices in the picture below.