Best Catering With Hawkr: Heath Ice-Creamery

Are you searching for desserts for your party? What kind of dessert would be the best fit? Heath Ice-creamery handmakes their gelato ice-cream which makes them unique with variety of flavours.

Their handmade gelato ice-cream can start parties in your mouths with playful flavours and also classic ones like Vanilla Chocolate Chips. Their ice-cream is more than worth its price! (RM14.90/tub 180gsm)

Heath Ice-Creamery’s Menu :

Examples of flavours offered by Heath Ice-Creamery

These are just some of the flavours handmade by Heath Ice-Creamery for their gelato ice-cream. If you’d love to see all the flavours, feel free to contact us or visit our website.

What are you waiting for? Place your order now or reach out to us if there are still questions you need answering.