Hawkr Merchant Referral Program

Our merchant referral program is a golden opportunity for home businesses to prosper together! By becoming a part of this program, you unlock a world of benefits:

Bronze Tier

5 referrals per month

ONE month of special discounts for your shop to attract customers

Silver Tier

10 referrals per month

ONE month of 5% commission reduction per sale

Gold Tier

20 referrals per month

ONE month of special discounts for your shop & 5% commission reduction per sale

How to refer merchants to Hawkr?

Collect your referral code

Approach Team Hawkr to get your personalized referral code.

Contact us via Whatsapp group chat :)

Send & fill up the referral form

Send the form to your friend and ask them to fill up all the details in the form, including your referral code.

Let's go →

Chat and check with referral's interest

Our team will have a chat with the referral and get them to set up their shop.

Get your referral reward

Once the referral's shop is live and made their first order, we will notify you and provide you with your incentives accordingly.

Here's what else you can do

Team Hawkr created a list of referral templates for you to post & share on your social media. You can share these posts via your Instagram, WhatsApp group chats, FB groups, Telegram, and so on, so that more home businesses are informed about this!

Here are some of the referral templates:

You can write your referral code in the caption or put it in your bio when posting, so that the referrals will notice it and we can know it's YOU who referred them. Referrals that use your code will get a 5% commission reduction for their first month of business.

** insert your logo in the photo frame next to Hawkr's logo ** Let us know if you have any difficulties while editing the templates

Share the love for Hawkr with fellow home businesses and in return, reap the rewards.

It's a win-win situation, fostering growth and success while building a tight-knit community of like-minded home chefs. Join our merchant referral program today, and let's embark on a journey of mutual success.