We are Team Hawkr and we build from zero.

We're always hungry for the next big thing...and food. 🥘

Liyen Tan

Founder & "Chief Eating Officer"

Farzana Hisham

Social Media and Content Strategy Coordinator

Rockson Yu

Ops Lead

Padma Ahbirami

Ops Coordinator

Our values:

We are H.U.N.G.R.Y.

Huge Bets

At Hawkr, we are not afraid to fail fast. We push the boundaries of conventions, take risks, and learn.

User obsessed

Users resemble the building blocks of everything we build. We take "live in your user's shoes" to the next level.

Why not now?

We do not believe in perfection. Have an idea? Put it to the test now.

Grow, grow, grow

As the company grows exponentially, so will individuals in Team Hawkr. In order to do that, we...

Reassess, reason, renew, repeat

This is Team Hawkr's go-to process of learning and growing together.

Yes and...

From investors to customers, we hear plenty of "no's". At Hawkr, we have each other's backs. We say "Yes and..." to everything the world throws at us.

We're always looking for talent

Hawkr is an early-stage startup. Our primary goal is to grow at lightning speed. Working at Hawkr will be an experience like no other because you will be a founding team member. All positions are remote / semi-remote.

In general, we are less concerned about your academic grades or the number of certifications you have. We are looking for individuals who are highly adaptable, uber creative, intelligent, and formidable. We are not afraid to fail because we learn, iterate, and act fast. If you can build from zero, and if this is the type of environment you thrive in, welcome to the team.

See yourself in Team Hawkr? Pitch yourself! Send your email and resume to [email protected].

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