The "keto" happiness is through the tummy.

Hi, I'm Bavani, Founder of Ketomummumm

Tell us about yourself and your journey so far

The passion providing healthy balanced meal started in the year 2012 just about the time when my hubby was diagnosed with Diabetes. Since having to lose both grandparents to diabetes I know how hard life was for them and how things turned for the worst for the both of them towards the last few years of their life. I was determined to give the best quality life for my hubby, and for a Malaysian Food IS life! When you see a loved one going through depression due to deteriorating health issues, you just need to get up and do something about it. I wanted my husband to have a happy quality life and an opportunity to enjoy the food as much as he can without worrying about what it’ll do to his health. Having done that, I wanted to share this joy with everyone else. Hence, Ketomummumm was born!

In the initial stage, the business model was focusing more on catering for private events with an array of dishes in the menu. While providing daily meal deliveries with healthy menu items for Diabetic patients.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, being new to this disease wasn’t sure what was the right diet plan, meals to avoid and meals to consume was a conundrum, started with Atkins Diet. Around mid year 2019 the business model took a turn into focusing more towards Keto & Diabetic Friendly products. Indirectly, an ideal meal plan for patients with Endometriosis as well.

Desserts and Breakfast Spreads was what I started with, comfort food is a must especially one has a sweet tooth! What more could one ask for when these comfort foods are nothing but healthy and completely not sinful at all!

In January 2022 I started providing Keto Bento Daily Lunch Meal plans where the menu changes on a weekly basis with very little repeats. My aim to give the mass the chance to enjoy low carb, sugar free, grain free well balanced nutritional meals where the taste is not compromised at all. Why? Cause the notion of providing bland tasteless meals and calling it diet meals is a myth!

Now Ketomummumm provides reservation based Dine-in, Same Day Delivery Menu, Dessert Menu and of course the Standard Menu

How is Ketomummumm different from other Keto restaurants you can find in Klang Valley

Probably the only or the first Indian Fusion Keto version bistro in Klang Valley, besides Indian Fusion, the meals do come in variety of cuisine such as Chinese Fusion, Thai, Greek, Mediterranean and Western. It is exactly how we are raised in this multi-racial society, even our language is fusion this is my take on “Malaysian Food” a combination of flavours from different continents in a plate, it’s a “Plate of Happiness”.

Talk about the localization of your business and how can Klang Valley folks relate to what you are trying to do.

We are Malaysians, we thrive on good food and here in Ketomummumm we provide just that without all the nasties. It’s perfectly ideal for Diabetes, Endo patients and it’s completely Keto.

What do you want customers to feel when they eat your food?

Happy, content that they had something wholesome, healthy and a complete meal.

If you could only eat one thing on your menu for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I must say it’s the Mackerel Sambal with Veggies, that’s my childhood favourite till now. My mother’s special sambal just perfect!

What is your favourite part about running this business?

Coming up with different menu ideas on a weekly basis, this gives me the opportunity to try out the plethora of recipes, change and twist it with my signature. It might be weird as I try not to stick with status quo, if you are adventurous, you are in the right place!

What is the biggest challenge about running this business?

To have consistent sales each week, with rising prices and overhead it isn’t easy to keep a small business afloat. This also pushes me to think of creative way to promote and market the business but it’s definitely not easy to convince true believers why they should try my meals which is completely off the rails for some!

What is something that keeps you up at night?

Making sure I meet my weekly KPI.

Has anyone in your family or community inspired you? If yes, who and what’s the story?

My mom for sure! I know for a fact what I am doing is something she always wanted to do but life got in the way and she having to grow up in the Bridgeton era she was only raised as a daughter, wife and mother. She was even asked to quit school right after Form 3 examinations, as she was to get ready to be groomed to become a wife. I know her passion was cooking and creating fusion recipes as she did while I was growing up. She is witty and her taste buds are exceptional. Just by tasting she will know what were the ingredients used and without the opportunity to research and google for answers she is able to recreate the recipe she tried just once. She used to make me watch all the cooking shows aired on TV when I was as young as 6 years old, she wasn’t able to watch so I was the best alternative. I will learn all the techniques and write down the recipes for my mom. I still remember learning the best techniques watching Wok With Yan, Kesuma, Kuali, Chef Wan and many others. Though attending culinary school was not option for me as I wasn’t recognized for my cooking when I was much younger, I am glad and happy that my mom made me watch all these cooking shows as I am a self taught chef thanks to her!

Favourite restaurant/warung/hawker/stall/food/dessert shop/cafe in Klang Valley?

There aren’t specific favourite as of yet.

Where you like to see your business in the next 3 years?

As a franchise in several location and states