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Free delivery on all meal plans. Available anywhere Klang Valley and Penang.

Free delivery on all meal plans

Dozens of home kitchens near you ready to deliver the best homemade meals throughout the month. The best part?

We'll mix n' match from a variety of home kitchens so you don't get bored.

Flexible meal plans for every lifestyle

Office worker? Want to tapau for your kids? Need specialty meals to fit your diet? Everything also can.

Your meal will magically show up at your door every day!

View your meal plan every Sunday

Receive a personalized meal plan at the start of every week. You can then let us know if you want to change anything.

Unless you want us to surprise you...

Hear it from our customers

No sacrifice

By far the best meal plan in KL. I told them I want to lose weight but don't want to give up my fav food and they made a meal plan perfect for me.

All my meals are less rice, more meat, and no added sugar for me. All their vendors are home cooks so everything is cooked with care.

Charmaine L.

So worth it

Idk how many other meal plans I've already tried but Hawkr just understands my needs the best. They even took the time to talk to me about my dietary preferences.

For the amount of attention they give each customer and the fact that you get to support local home businesses, this meal plan is so worth the price!

Faizah A.

Super flexible

As an office worker, I want to keep fit but eat comforting food. But I'm always so busy and stressed...Hawkr solves all my eating problems.

They are super efficient too because I can change my address or delivery time anytime I want. Other meal plans don't let you do this.

John T.

How to get started?

Don't need to burn your kitchen.

Step 1: Take the quiz below

to personalize your meal plan to your liking.

Step 2: Receive your proposed plan via WhatsApp

based on your quiz responses. We'll discuss your delivery preferences and address questions you have.

Step 3: Select your delivery details and make payment

We will begin delivering on your desired start date.

Payment can be made via online bank transfer or DuitNow QR code. View pricing plans below.

Pricing plans, fit for every lifestyle

Because you deserve the best meals every day. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read our FAQs.

Weekly Plan

RM 24 per meal (5 meals)

RM 120 in total

πŸ›΅ Free delivery

Monday-Friday lunch delivery

Select any day you want, skip a day if needed

Group pricing

2 pax β†’ RM 220 (RM 22 per meal per pax)

3 pax β†’ RM 306 (RM 20.40 per meal per pax)

4 pax β†’ RM 395 (RM 19.75 per meal per pax)

Monthly Plan πŸŽ‰

RM 21.90 per meal (20 meals)

RM 438 in total

πŸ›΅ Free delivery

Monday-Friday lunch delivery

Select any day you want, skip a day if needed

Group pricing

2 pax β†’ RM 791 (RM 19.77 per meal per pax)

3 pax β†’ RM 1104 (RM 18.40 per meal per pax)

4 pax β†’ RM 1432 (RM 17.90 per meal per pax)

Custom Pricing

If at least one of the following applies to you, please speak to us for a customized pricing plan.

  • If you need weekend deliveries or dinner deliveries
  • If you have more than 4 pax
  • If you need highly specialized meals such as:
    • Organic-only
    • Low GI / low sugar
    • Gluten-free
    • Keto

Common FAQs

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