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Home businesses face very different challenges

Restaurants can rely on complex operations, a team of workers, and large suppliers.

Home business owners like you have to do all of that with very little help, on top of cooking, scheduling deliveries, entertaining customers, and more!

Let us worry about that.


You don't need a restaurant to succeed in the F&B industry.

Restaurants and industrial kitchens are costly and time consuming to run, manage, and grow.

At Hawkr, we believe no one should feel the need to start a restaurant in order to be successful in the F&B industry.


No more operating your home business on Facebook or WhatsApp.

You've probably wondered how to price your products, how to design your menu, or how to grow your customer base. Hawkr is your business partner in this journey. We build the tools for any home cook or home baker to succeed, regardless of experience.

Calling all home cooks & home bakers in Klang Valley🏙️or Penang🏝️

Join our community of home business owners today and start selling.

Here's how we can help

But that's not all. If you need customized support, let us know and we'll discuss.

Delivery management

We know. Manually scheduling deliveries for your customers is tiring. Your customers are also fed up with high delivery prices.

Focus on your passion and let us manage and bear the cost of all your deliveries!

Marketing & brand awareness

We believe in empowering the individuals behind the food, and that's you!

Marketing is so much more than posting on Instagram or dancing on TikTok. It's about telling the stories of our merchants.

What do we mean? Watch this. →

Branding & pricing strategy

No idea how to price your products to maximize sales? What's the best way to brand your business when there are so many competitors? We have the data to help you figure out the best branding & pricing strategy.


Never feel like you are alone in this journey. At Hawkr, we believe in building a powerful network between home businesses in the community.

We win through meaningful collaboration and connection with each other.

Customer support

Customer service is difficult and we can empathize with that. Problems and mistakes will happen.

Our team comprises of individuals who are experienced in customer service so you can have some peace of mind while your customers get only the best service.

Tools and content just for you

Every home business owner faces different challenges. The challenges you face at the beginning may not be the same as the challenges you face later on. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we cater tools and content just for you.

Here's what our merchants have to say

Hawkr has played a very important role in the growth of our home bakery. Delivery is a lot easier with them and issues get solved very quickly. It is certainly a platform home businesses can grow with. See you at Hawkr!

– Eric, Founder of Cubes.Co Bakery Studio

There are other platforms but what makes Hawkr stand out is the partnership you have with them. They are not just a service provider that manages your delivery. You get personalized collaboration where you are able to brainstorm fresh new ideas to grow together with Hawkr. You gain a business partner and a best friend that has your best interest at heart and you are never alone.

– Bavani, Founder of Ketomummumm

I started my home business in 2020 when MCO started. Back then, I was just promoting my business on social media. We joined Hawkr in 2021 and since then, our business just took off like a jet. They have helped us in getting good orders and streamlined our home business operations. Hawkr has given me strength to overcome any obstacle. No doubt, Hawkr is a wonderful platform for home cooks and bakers like us.

– Lakshmi, Founder of Sree Iyer Enterprise

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